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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Mission weeks bring us together to share the word of God as we impact the community and this year, God has been faithful. We are grateful that we were joined by the team from USA and they sacrificed their time to come and make a difference here in Kenya.The team was led by our president, Jerry and with him was Tedd, Jeff, Kevan and Jason.We thank God too for the Kenyan team led by our director, Hamisi Kirenga HSC together with Ken, Vanessa, Kimani and our 2 volunteers; Phoro and Naserian.

These were 10 days of God’s faithfulness!!

Day 1

Accompanied by our director, Hamisi together with Ken and Kimani, the team from US visited 3 churches in Nairobi to fellowship with the congregation.The hosts were pastor Ezekiel(Kahawa Sukari Baptist), Pastor Mureithi(Mavuno Church) and Pastor Benson (Membly Baptist).Jerry preached to the congregation in Kahawa Sukari Baptist and Tedd in Membly Baptist.In the afternoon, the team visited Gathirimu Girls High School where they ministered to a total of 1200 girls. It was a one on one experience where they got to interact, worship and pray together with the girls who were very excited to have the team visit them. Through this, 106 girls got saved!! It was beautiful seeing young girls long for Christ and share in the word of God.On that same day, Vanessa and Phoro were in Sajiloni Girls High School in Kajiado. It was the last day for the FGM Psychosocial Support Curriculum Class. They handled the last topic on Championship. It was important for the girls to know and understand that no matter what they go through in school or within their communities, they are and will remain to be champions in Christ!!!

Day 2

The whole team visited First Baptist Church in Kivingoni Machakos for a food distribution and evangelism mission; a region where there is prevalence of food shortage due to the persisting drought. Tedd preached to the congregation and we later on distributed 12 Tonnes of food to a population of 1200 people who had gathered at the church for the same. Pastor Wambua has been doing a great job with the community there and our gratitude also extended to Kapu Africa. This was God’s doing!

Day 3

The team paid a courtesy call to the Office of the President to meet Professor Margaret Kobia who is the Cabinet Secretary(CS) in the Ministry of Public Service, Gender, Senior Citizens and Special Programmes. We were received by Elizabeth Adongo who is the advisor to the CS, Commissioner Ndambuki and Mr. Mutai.We held a consultative meeting and the discussions revolved around the partnership between Spread Truth Africa and the government. A team from the National Youth Council(NYC) was also present. We reviewed our past collaborations, shared new ideas on how to strengthen the partnership and discussed the way forward.

Day 4

Part of the team were hosted by Zetech Univeristy led by Dr. Alive Macharia. The Spread Truth President, Jerry McCorkle got the opportunity to speak to the leadership of the school and that of the Christian Union. Jerry shared a sermon with the university’s Christian Union. They also had a mentorship session with the basketball team which has been winning in the previous sports festivals. The team discussed how they can best support the team moving forward.In the afternoon, the team proceeded to Kenya School of Government(KSG) for a mentorship, preaching and sports session with 4 football teams. Spread Truth continues to be indebted to the National Government of Kenya for the platforms it accords us to reach out to the youth. The players were so excited and not even the rain could stop them! The team supported them with sports kits and the winning team got a trophy. With them was Peter Quest; the head of Youth Programmes at KSG. Our partners, the National Youth Council, also accompanied and served alongside us.That same day, Vanessa and Phoro, with the help of volunteers from the National Youth Council, parked 372 bags (dignity packs). This was in preparation for the graduation that was forthcoming for the girls at Sajiloni who had completed their FGM Psychosocial Support Curriculum classes.

Day 5

The team led a pastors’ training at Cathedral of Praise in Imara Daima. Tedd and Jason taught and we had a total of over 500 pastors attend the hermeneutics classes. It was an amazing day and we extended our gratitude to the Embakasi Pastors’ Fellowship and the Cathedral of Praise for their kindness and hospitality and we definitely look forward to future engagements and collaborations in the pastoral care and empowerment.Later on that evening, the team proceeded to Kajiado where the rest of the mission would take place.

Day 6

The first mission day in Kajiado set off with a cow inoculation activity at a place called Eiti. It was a beautiful experience especially for our first time visitors. Cow vaccination is very important within the Maasai community. This is because the maasais are majorly nomadic pastoralists and they value their cattle and therefore the vaccination comes in handy as it prevents diseases. Through this, it helps avoid costly treatments for diseases that can be prevented.This was followed by an equip session at Olosaruni Baptist Church for the several pastors we had interacted with over the years in the area. Tedd and Jason did an amazing job with the pastors.The team also had the opportunity to pay a visit to 2 schools; General Nkaiseri Mixed School and Enkorika Boys where they mentored and preached to them. They also addressed matters FGM and early marriages which is quite prevalent within the region.The first Spread Truth basketball festival after 2 years of the pandemic was also kicking off on this day. The excitement was beyond measure and the competition very intense. Ken and Jeff led the teams on the ground. They got an opportunity to preach the gospel in all the basketball courts in the informal settlements of Korogocho, Dandora, Kayole and Umoja to various teams and fans.Later, that evening, Madam Leina hosted the whole team at her home for a sumptuous Maasai bush dinner. This was just an evening of resting, making merry and catching up. The Maasai dances were fun and our president, Jerry, together with the team, joined the dance.The highlight of the evening was the symbolic naming of our team from US. The Maasai normally do this to new visitors. Jerry was given the name Olomaiyana which means the blessed one, Tedd – Olodo the tall one, Kevan – Saruni the refuge, Jason – Oseur the beautiful one and our director Hamisi was given the name Olomunyak the favoured one. This is very interesting, right? The naming was followed by a gifting session. This was a memorable evening!!!

Day 7

Tedd and Jason winded up the pastors training that morning.In the afternoon, the whole team proceeded to Sajiloni Girls High School where the graduation ceremony was happening. This was to mark the successful completion of the FGM Psychosocial Support Curriculum. The girls were so excited that this was finally happening, and they could not hide their joy on this beautiful day.The CEO from the National Youth Council, Roy Sasaka, was the MC of the day. Our president, Jerry, shared a sermon and encouraged the girls. Our director, Reverend Hamisi also addressed us and welcomed our special guest for the day, Kanze Dena. Kanze Dena is the spokesperson, Executive Office of the President of Kenya and on this day, she dedicated her time to mentor and motivate them.The girls received certificates and the dignity packs for their graduation. A total of 372 bags were distributed to the girls. The school also received 2 Tonnes of food. It was such an amazing time sharing the moments with the girls. Indeed, He is a faithful God.

Day 8

This was particularly a special Sunday at Olosaruni Baptist Church. The Spread Truth team joined the congregation and other members of the community who came to witness the Lord’s doing. The word for the day was shared by our president, Jerry. After the church service, the newly built church and rescue center were officially opened and dedicated. This was the 2nd Spread Truth church in Maasai Land which was built during the pandemic. An exhortation from our president Jerry to the church; “be like the church in Antioch that was committed to living out their faith through love for God and love for one another.” The rescue center will be a home to many girls and shield them from the paws of FGM.After the ceremony, the Spread Truth team left for Nairobi where we joined Ken and Jeff for the basketball finals in Umoja. It was such a great game with so much vibrance all over. Kevan ministered to the teams and the fans around. Out of the 46 teams, the Spread Truth Tigers won!!!

Day 9

Phoro and Kim accompanied the team from the US to the Nairobi National Park for a game drive and later for lunch. This was generally a day to rest, rewind and rejuvenate.

Day 10

The team got an invitation and paid a courtesy call to Dr. Linah Jebii Kilimo, Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) State Department for Gender, who has been a great supporter of Spread Truth and our work. This was a great opportunity to visit her to discuss matters Anti-FGM, youth engagement in the valley, young widows of conflict and peace initiatives that are youth driven. We look forward to the sports for peace initiative and engaging with young widows going through untold suffering in Elgeiyo Marakwet and West Pokot. We are grateful for the partnerships and collaborations with the government of Kenya so far.



We are grateful that the mission week was successful. Souls were saved and lives were impacted. This is proof of God’s faithfulness and grace!!!

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