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Kenya currently has a population of 46 million people, yet more than 35% of Kenyans suffer from food insecurity and malnutrition each year. The rampant hunger in Kenya is a dire situation. For many,

access to adequate nutritious food remains a challenge and,

especially in arid and semi-arid regions, which make up 80%

of the country’s land area. 

SINCE 2018


10.5+ Million

food tonnage 


meals served

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Some of the factors that cause food shortage in the country include rapid population growth, climate change, stagnating agricultural

production and inefficient food systems

among others.

We were the first Christian Organization to take food to Bute, Wajir County, in the heat of food insecurity and terrorist attacks. Since 2019, we have been distributing fortified and nutritious food to those that are food insecure, covering over 15 counties so far. Aside the ASAL areas, we also support children, lactating mothers, the aged and the sick in informal settlements with the nutritious food. This has been possible through the partnership with MID-WEST Food Bank through KAPU Africa. We have also collaborated recently with the Ministry of Public Service and Special Programs to be the liaison for food distribution in the coastal region of Kenya.


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We conduct medical camps as a supporting program for the Nutritional Support initiative to address malnutrition cases. Working closely and collaborating with medics, nutritional experts and community health volunteers, Spread Truth Africa seeks to alleviate a starving father, mother and child from impending illness and death.


This also forms a critical component in building resilience in the affected communities. In 2022 alone, we have conducted a medical camp in Mtepeni, Kilifi County, in partnership with Shalom Outreach and Hope Citadel Foundation, reaching 4,500 people. During the recent Turkana Outreach, we also deployed the Ready-To-Use Supplementary Food to combat the acute malnutrition cases.

We target to conduct medical camps in every nutritional support outreach and especially in places where malnutrition cases are rampant.

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