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Isaiah 60:22 reminds us that when the time is right, the Lord will make it happen. God has been faithful and we are so excited to share with you, a recent milestone under our FGM pillar.


How did you come about the FGM pillar at Spread Truth Africa and particularly, what informed the FGM Psychosocial Support Curriculum? We definitely get these questions a lot! So, dear reader, let us find out together!!

Our missions throughout the country have enabled us to interact with several communities amongst them pastoralists societies. In Kenya, the culture, tradition and practice of FGM is most prevalent among these pastoralist communities.

More and more in our visits it became apparent that the conversation of FGM kept coming up and could not be ignored. This led us to start serious conversations on how best we could support the efforts in our country to address matters FGM.

The effects of FGM go beyond the physical damage! Spread Truth Africa in a bid to support the fight to end FGM, came up with a FGM Survivor Psychosocial Support Curriculum, “What Is a Little Girl Worth?”

The curriculum is Biblical based and seeks to address the emotional and psychological effects of FGM to help the victims of FGM deal with the pain and trauma that comes with the retrogressive vice. The curriculum also empowers girls who have not necessarily gone through FGM, in order for them to realize that their identity is in Christ alone and that they are not defined by cultural norms.

This curriculum was launched in April 2021 at AIC in Kajiado. In attendance was the CAS Ministry of Gender, Madam Linah Jebii Kilimo; CEO Anti-FGM Board, Madam Bernadette Loloju and Madam Agnes Leina, former Anti-FGM Board Director among other leaders working in the FGM space.

In the piloting and introduction phase, about 1000 girls have successfully undergone the training using the curriculum. The counties covered this far are; Kajiado, Samburu, Elgeiyo-Marakwet and Baringo.


As part of the development process of a curriculum, is the validation. Validation is quite critical as it is used to gather feedback and comments from relevant parties and in this case, those working in the FGM space, to better improve the content of the curriculum and allow public participation from various stakeholders.

On 7/9/2022, we held the validation of the FGM Survivor Psychosocial Support Curriculum that took place at the Kenya School of Government.

Various ministries and organizations were represented. Among them; Ministry of Gender, Anti FGM Board-Kenya, National Youth Council, the Orchid Project, County Government of Kajiado, Ministry of Education, Plan International (Kajiado County Office), Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Kenya Medical Association, UNFPA Kenya, Hope Beyond Foundation, Shalom Ministries, Midwest Food Bank East Africa (KAPU AFRICA) and Patinaai Osim among other key partners and stakeholders working in the FGM space.

We were honoured to have Professor Margaret Kobia, the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Public Service, Gender, Senior Citizens Affairs and Special Programmes, officiate the validation that took place at Kenya School of Government . In her keynote speech as she presided over the validation, she did commend the work done by Spread Truth Africa and highlighted the need for different stakeholders to accelerate actions to #EndFGM.

The CAS (Chief Administrative Secretary) Ministry of Gender, Dr. Jebii Kilimo in her remarks, amplified the key role the FGM Survivor Psychosocial Support Curriculum will play in supporting victims and survivors of FGM. Dr. Jebii Kilimo has been very resourceful in our operations as we taught the curriculum.

The Director Spread Truth Africa, Reverend Hamisi Kirenga, appreciated the continued partnership with the different organizations and ministries working to eliminate FGM.

As part of the validation, different representatives from organizations working in the FGM space gave their submissions on areas of improvement. The validation will play a key role in ensuring that a wholesome psychosocial support curriculum is in place. This will allow effectiveness during the dissemination in the different communities adversely affected by FGM.

We appreciate everyone who has been involved in this process. We equally acknowledge the importance of partnerships in accelerating efforts to end FGM. We look forward to the continued collaboration in addressing matters FGM in our country, as we reach the girls adversely affected by FGM at the grassroots levels.

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