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Psyco-social support curriculum launch.

On 29th May 2021, Spread Truth Africa in partnership with the National Youth Council launched the first ever psycho-social support curriculum under the theme what is a little girl worth?The purpose of the curriculum is to aid in the wholesome fight against female genital mutilation.Through a research done by Spread Truth Africa it was noted that girls in kenya as young as 6 years old are forced to go through female genital mutilation and early mariages.Spread Truth Africa is intentional in supporting the president’s directive of eradicating this harmful practice of female genital mutilation by the year 2022.The psycho-social support curriculum is wholistic in nature.The spiritual, physical, emotional and psycho-social aspects are all addressed.

The gospel is alive and well pushed through as the only true foundation for the girls.The curriculum will help to ensure the girls have a 360 degree view of life.Additionally,228 dignity packs were distributed consisting of a year's supply of essential products and items to the girls.The items include;sanitary towels,bar soap,bathing soap,tissue paper,undergarments,lesso,torche,petrolium jelly,tooth brush,tooth paste and a whistle.The school also received 10 tons of fortified food.The dignity packs highlighting the worth of the girl,the food to address issues of stunting and malnutrition to bring up a healthy girl.

Speaking at the launch Spread Truth Africa Director Hamisi Kirenga HSC said “let us all take time to mentor the young ones towards being their best.Make it a personal responsibility, and our girls will be Empowered”.

The launch took place at the AIC girls boarding school in Kajiado county.Led by Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Linah Jebii Kilimo.

In her statement she thanked Spread Truth Africa for their efforts in fighting for the worth of the little girl and helping the president in his vision.In attendance was the CEO National Youth Council Mr. Roy Sasaka Telewa,Uwezo fund CEO Mr. Peter Lengapiani and several actors in the FGM space including the CEO of the Anti-FGM board Mrs. Bernadette Loloju,founder Illaramatak Community Concerns Mrs. Agnes Leina and founder Paatinai Osim Semerian Sankori.


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