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Cultivating conversations, commonality and community.
This initiative is built around the art of having
meaningful conversation.

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 In these forums, we focus on spreading empathy and hope among the youth through having important conversations (reclaiming conversations and face to face contact) and seeking to understand each other’s story. It also creates a sense of belonging and community, which have suffered alongside families and neighborhoods weakened by the internet, print/electronic/social media, entertainment and increased isolation.

Through Kikao, the Gospel is preached, youth advocacy addressed, inclusion and participation of youth cultivated and  enterprise sensitization among the youth encouraged. We do this majorly in partnership with the National Youth Council who have a similar program dubbed, “Sawazisha Gumzo.”

During Kikao sessions, Spread Truth Africa also avails nutritional and fortified food which isdistributed to the attending groups. This goes into our strategy of addressing nutritional and stunting problems seen in our communities.

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